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And no, I don't mean on Google or Wikipedia.
  1. Plumbing emergencies — now resolved. Slow leak from main toilet cistern has been fixed by a very competent plumb-person. (Male, of course; this is rural Gloucestershire. None of the luxury I used to have in London of the possibility that a woman would turn up).
  2. Water stains on the ceiling — definitely water, not the (much worse) alternative. Amenable to me (or the lodger) on a ladder with a paintbrush and ten minutes to spare.
  3. Access VBA error handling idiosyncrasies — a little progress here; Bill Gates still has much to answer for, but I have resolved the proximate cause of head-desk interaction.
  4. Arthritis developing in my lower back and hips — b*gger the pain killers, I've gone for red wine instead. Equally as effective, plus much more enjoyable.
  5. Dandelions running rampant in the garden — still in the garden, still rampant. Hoping for an overnight miracle gardener.
The remaining burning issue: Numbered (or bulleted) lists — punctuation at the end of each point or not?

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It's long gone time that I divested myself of some of the stuff that I seem to accumulate effortlessly. There are unopened boxes in this house that were sealed two house moves ago, and the spare room is a boneyard of unused consumer electronics, replaced by more functional devices or rendered redundant because technology had moved on, but which I could never bring myself to take to the tip...

So yesterday evening I posted a set of offers on the local Freecycle group, and ten minutes ago the last of this batch of items went out of the door: 2 VCRs, a small TV, a mini hi-fi with a broken CD player, a very old slow black & white laser printer, and a fully-functioning scanner that isn't supported under Windows 7. It is satisfying to know they've gone to be re-used, and I can get far enough into the spare room now to start on the next batch of stuff.