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[personal profile] oursin gave me 35. Comment if you would like an age (the convention is, leave your current age, but if you want to risk futurology, feel free).


I lived in: my own house in a small North Wiltshire town.

I drove: A new white Astra, a company car.  I learned to drive in London, but it never made sense to own a car there; when I moved out to the sticks it was (and is) a different matter, especially as the company expected me to travel to far-flung parts of England and Wales regularly.

I was in a relationship with: a cat (of course). Plus I assume the lodger counts? He started staying with me during the week when I bought the house, and is still around on and off 22 years later...

I feared: I can't remember. Not much, I suspect...

I worked at: the IT department of a large recently privatised electricity generator. Lots of money being thrown at making (one of ) Maggie Thatcher's spectacularly bad ideas seem like a success. Lots of technical innovation. Melting pot of employees and consultants and contractors, all having the time of their life. It was great fun, even if we were working 7 days a week and 12 hours a day...

I wanted to be: What I was. Except there wasn't any time to write as well...


I live in: my own house in a small village on the Gloucestershire/Wiltshire border.

I drive: A 10 year old Audi.

I'm in a relationship: A cat. Plus the aforementioned lodger.

I fear: the consequences of the bad decisions being made by Thatcher's successors.

I work at: being retired, writing software, getting back to writing books.

I want to be: Right where I am, except with a cat who doesn't need daily medical attention, so I can get about a bit more.