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Have I really not done one of these this year?

New reads:

The Tempering of Men, Bear & Monette
Midnight Never Comes, Brennan
In Ashes Lie, Brennan
A Star Shall Fall, Brennan
Cold Magic, Elliott
Cold Fire, Elliott
The Dazzle of Day, Gloss
Carousel Tides, Lee
Saltation, Lee & Miller
The Birthday of the World, LeGuin
EmbassyTown, Mieville
Kings of the North, Moon
Heart of Iron, Sedia
Among Others, Walton
The Cloud Roads, Wells


Non-Stop, Aldiss
Tau Zero, Anderson
The Catch Trap, Zimmer Bradley
All the Foreigner books, Cherryh [What can I say? They're comfort reading. I always skip the two prologues to Foreigner.]
The Machine Stops, Forster (short story)
The Phoenix in Flight (Book 1 of the Exordium series), Smith & Trowbridge

I am not the audience/Life is too short:

The Name of The Wind, Rothfuss [I can't bear the Stupid, and the deliberate obtuseness, although I admire the worldbuilding]
A Game of Thrones, Martin
The Dread Hammer, Shiels

The astute among you will recognise that I had fun reading/re-reading some generation starship books. Also, owning an ereader has increased the rate at which I'm reading.