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Usual rules for women writers who got their start in 1992... Again a poor performance away from all my previous sources.

Amy Benesch
Barbara Bretton
Barbara G. Walker
Beth Webb
Bonnie Blake
Caroline Spector
Carrie Richerson
Catherine Mintz
Cecilia Tan
Charlee Jacob
Christine Harris
Claire Carmichael
Denise Lopes Heald
Denise Vitola
Eugenia Riley
Holly Lisle
Jane Toombs
Jean Stewart
Jennie Gray
Joanne Harris
Joy V. Smith
Karen Rose Cercone
Kate Daniel
Lee Martindale
Lela E. Buis
Leslie What
Lillian Csernica
Linda Smith
Lisa Deason
Malorie Blackman
Mary Ann Mitchell
Mary Soon Lee
Nancy Atherton
Pamela Briggs
Sandra Rector
Sarah Ash
Severna Park
Sonia Orin Lyris
Stephanie D. Shaver
Susan Sizemore
Syne Mitchell
Tippi N. Blevins
Wendi Lee
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