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From [ profile] james_nicoll again... Specifically women writers who got a start in 1990. It's alphabetical by first name. Otherwise, usual rules apply: Italicize the authors you've heard of before reading this list of authors, bold the ones you've read at least one work by, underline the ones of whose work you own at least one example of. Come up with improvements to flavour your versions.

What this highlights is how I left London, specialist SF bookstores and [personal profile] oursin 's book lending range about now... Also, I suspect, that I'm not a short story reader as a rule.

Alexis Glynn Latner
Alice Hoffman
Ann Groves
Ann Nocenti
Annette Curtis Klause
Barb Hendee
Barbara Rosen
Catherine Fisher
Cathy Buburuz
Charles Ardai
Claudia O'Keefe
Dawn Dunn
Debbie Dadey
Dian Curtis Regan
Diana G. Gallagher
Diana Rivers
ElizaBeth Gilligan
Ellen Guon
Francesca Lia Block
Jane Lindskold
Janice Bennett
Jenny Jones
Jessica Palmer
Jessie D. Eaker
Karen Wehrstein
Kathleen O'Neal Gear
Kelley Eskridge
Leah Rewolinski
Lenora K. Rogers
Lorelei Shannon
Lynn S. Hightower
Marcia Thornton Jones
Marianne J. Dyson
Marin Xiques
Marise Morland
Marthayn Pelegrimas
Mary E. Choo
Mary H. Herbert
Mary Rosenblum
Molly Brown
N. Lee Wood
Nancy Jane Moore
P. D. Cacek
P. N. Elrod
Pam Chillemi-Yeager
Pat Graversen
Patricia Duffy Novak
Paula King
Pauline E. Dungate
Pauline Fisk
Peg Kehret
Sarah Smith
Saranne Dawson
Sherrie Brown
Sherryl Jordan
Stephanie Shaver
Sue Harrison
Sue Isle
Susan Wade
Wendy Rathbone

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Date: 2011-07-07 07:25 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] oursin
I've never heard of a lot of those: maybe it's the short story factor. I don't even remember the names from going round New Worlds and Forbidden Planet and looking at the new book displays and sneering... because this, in recollection, was the period when there seemed to be a lot of interchangeable fantasy (and quite a lot of horror, ick) that failed to ring my bell. O yes, and the rise of sff romance...

Some of the names (here and on the subsequent lists) I think I know from crime rather sff.