Jun. 29th, 2011

arkessian: (Busy bee)
I think I may be a little over-committed. I don't know why I imagined this would not be a problem when I retired, given:
  • my track history when employed
  • my inability to allow myself to do anything less well than the best anyone can (there is no adequate)
  • my inability to suffer things done badly by others
  • my demonstrated ability over hmmph years to attempt All The Things
Hence this attempt at a list of All The Things... Perhaps it will convince me I need to strike some things off the list (surely not); perhaps it will enable me to cross things off as I do them (hollow laugh). At least it will fulfil my self-imposed quota for a blog-post this week.

All the Things )

* And if we don't, at least we'll know which far-flung corners have been left to their own devices.